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  • Whole Relationships: Couples creating healthy partnerships
  • Boundaries in Relationships: Where to draw the lines
  • Friends for Life: Suicide Prevention/Intervention
  • Training: The 4 Gateways Coaching Model

Speaker Anna Carnes, M.A., LPC

Anna has over 20 years’ experience as a therapist and educator at the national and international level.

She created a suicide prevention curriculum for schools in New Zealand, was featured in national magazines and radio programs, and spoke to hundreds of teens on solution-oriented coping skills. She continues to present seminars for professional and church groups here in the U.S. She has taught Abnormal Psychology and Human Development at the College level, and is currently a Supervisor and Mentor for graduate level counseling Interns. As the Owner/Founder of DTC Counseling, Anna’s Private Practice specializes in abuse recovery and strives to empower individuals, couples, teens and families to create healthier relationships. Anna has a very engaging style, combining a great sense of humor with her counseling expertise and a strong capacity to connect to her audience in a genuine, approachable manner.

Speaker R.J. Koerper, B.S., MDiv, Life Recovery Coach

R.J. combines 15 years as a therapist with 25 years teaching at the university level to provide a wide range of speaking experiences both nationally and internationally.

He has led dozens of weekend retreats, addressed thousands of teenagers at large group venues, and provided teaching and training in smaller settings such as weekend seminars. He was also featured on a regional NBC show during the Columbine Tragedy and was a guest host for a national call in radio program with Dawson MacAllister and Rapha. He has addressed audiences at large youth conferences in Northern and Southern Ireland and provided training for therapists, pastors, and social workers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Poland.

R.J. is very personable when he speaks, combining a good sense of humor with a personal transparency as he integrates the lessons he’s learned from his own journey into his talks.


  • Wounded Healer Project: Training lay counselors and people helpers in the church
  • Being a James 1:19 Family: Dealing with conflict in the home
  • Changing the Marriage Dance: Relating to each other in healthier ways
  • Pushing Against the Pull of Peer Pressure: A series from Daniel