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Meet R.J. Koerper, B.S., M.Div., Life Recovery Coach

Probably my greatest joy as a therapist in the past and now a life coach is to see my clients go from where they are to where they want to be. Sometimes it has come in small steps, sometimes in giant leaps, often with a lot of hard work, but to see the results in a changed life has made this journey so worth it for me.

I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Montana State University, and a Masters from Western Seminary in Portland Oregon.

I am combining 15 years clinical experience as a psychotherapist, 25 years experience as a university professor at both the graduate and undergraduate level, and 8 years coaching experience at the NCAA Division 2 level to my position now as a life recovery coach for DTC Counseling.

My areas of specialty include post addiction recovery, couples coaching, solution based coaching for personal issues, and life transitions.

Currently I have also developed a seminar called the Wounded Healer Project, which provides training for lay counselors and people helpers in a variety of settings, including orphanages, hospitals, churches and recovery centers internationally, including Guatemala, Honduras, and Poland.

Addiction Recovery:

When a person has sought intensive help for addiction recovery, through an inpatient or IOP setting, often the transition is extremely difficult to a healthy lifestyle. Twelve step groups and other recovery support groups are necessary but often there are ongoing, underlying issues that need to be addressed as well, and unhealthy coping behaviors replaced with healthier choices. Life recovery coaching can help make the transition more manageable and the path to wholeness much more focused.

“Counseling is time and space – unplugged.
It’s a safe place for connecting with yourself and the people who matter.”

– Anna Carnes, Founder, DTC Counseling