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Your customized therapy plan will help you identify, set, and reach your own goals in therapy while working within your schedule.

This can mean structuring 60-90 minute appointments anywhere from 1-2 times per week or meeting once every other week. Consistency and momentum are important to moving forward in your healing process.

Some clients ask for intensive work, which can involve 2-4 hour sessions. All of this is negotiable based on your specific needs.



Using a solution-oriented approach, we focus on how individual personalities and needs contribute positively to the relationship.

We’ll help you reach your goals, whether it is to strengthen a relationship, facilitate a break-up, deal with divorce issues, etc.

You receive guidance to move forward to a more balanced and healthy relationship. We’ll use a mantra of “No Blame Game,” “No Shame Game,” and “No Pain Game.”



Using a Family Systems Approach, we work with the whole family as well as various formations of the family, looking at the roles each person plays and how each role affects the health and relationships within the family unit.

We work together to come up with tangible solutions.

We will aim to increase communication so parents and teens feel heard, understood, and valued. We’ll discuss strategies for managing conflict and crisis and methods of coping. Appointments are available in my office or in your home depending on your practical needs and personal comfort zones.

What To Expect

Each person who walks into DTC Counseling is different – in terms of preference, circumstances, ability to connect, and more.

That’s why flexibility is a key component of our approaches. We strive to help our clients achieve balance, create healthy relationships, and resolve serious life issues.

From your first meeting, we aim to ensure you feel heard, respected, and accepted.

We combine aspects of various counseling techniques with clinical expertise so our clients can achieve their own goals and live a healthier life.

You will come away from your first appointment with a customized therapy plan in place.

DTC Counseling

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